4 Ways To Use Canva In Your Wedding Planning Business



Does the thought of creating on-brand imagery for your wedding planning business scare the heck out of you? Hey I hear you. I tried Photoshop and it was not pretty. I’m a Wedding Planner, not a Graphic Designer. But Graphic Design is one of the hats I have to wear in my business.

How else am I going to share images of what I do, market my wedding business and stand out from the crowd?

Whilst not spending hours (if not days) doing it?

I have a one word for you and it’s a game-changer – Canva.

If you haven’t discovered Canva as yet, let me introduce you to this easy to use online tool.

A collage of wedding inspiration

What is Canva?

Canva is a free graphic design platform that allows you to easily create brochures, social media images, business cards, flyers, logos, Zoom backgrounds, and more using professionally designed templates. You can even upload your own photos and add them to Canva’s templates using a drag and drop interface. – thanks for that great introduction to Canva, Business Insider.

There is a paid version of Canva but I only upgraded to that when I needed to add a team member. The free version is awesome!

I use Canva everyday in my wedding planning business (and I am not being paid to say that). It’s almost always open on my desktop. Even the images in this blog post have been resized and cropped using Canva. And when I share the details of this post on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, I’ll use a Canva template to help me create a good looking graphic.

There are a lot of tools that I use in my wedding business and here at The Wedding School, that are ‘nice to have’. Canva isn’t one of the tools. In my opinion, Canva isn’t ‘nice to have’, it’s a must-have for wedding business owners and Wedding Planners who want to impress their clients. To prove this claim to you I’m sharing 4 ways to use Canva in your wedding planning business.

Wedding Design Proposals & Mood Boards

Canva has a massive library of templates already installed for you to use for your wedding planning business. But one of the things I love about using Canva is that there are a lot of creative people selling templates that you can upload into Canva and start designing with. This is how I got started with the latest version of our Wedding Design Proposal (which students of Wedding Planner School receive as part of their course).

I use our Canva Wedding Design Proposal to give clients a visual reference of the ideas I’m proposing for their wedding. But it doesn’t stop there. I also share the document with Vendors and we add to it over time, bringing in their imagery too. So the Proposal becomes a Style Guide for the wedding.

But you can start even more simply than that. Canva has hundreds (if not thousands) of free Mood Board templates that you can edit and share with your couples (like the one above). A Mood Board is an excellent way to help clients ‘see’ the wedding you’re imagining for them. I love to include the couples colour palette in the board too. Sign up to Canva (or login if you already have an account, and click on this link, to find Mood Boards that you can start editing immediately.

Social Media Posts for your Wedding Planning Business

Creating posts for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest is one of the things I use Canva for the most. I have images from our weddings and other on-brand stock images and videos uploaded into Canva. I’ve also saved our brand colours and fonts in there. This makes it super quick to create social media posts when I need to. When you’ve finished reading this post, check us out on Instagram to get inspired by what you can create within Canva. Every image you see that has text or graphics on the image, has been designed using this tool. I also use it to create animated images for Instagram Stories.

An Instagram Story Post Designed in Canva

Marketing Materials

If you’ve downloaded a freebie from The Wedding School – you’ve got your hands on marketing materials that were designed using Canva. I’ve also created a Price Guide for my Wedding Planning business using Canva. You can use Canva to create freebies for your wedding business too. Brochures, Checklists, helpful guides and E-books can all be created using Canva. Freebies are a great way to design on-brand, eye-catching material that gives a couple helpful information and inspires them to learn more about what you do. Sign up for our Become a Wedding Planner Guide for inspiration (and helpful tips on how to become a Wedding Planner).

Logo & Other Brand Assets

When I started my wedding business the I Do Crew, my website designer offered to design a logo for me. Which she did, but I didn’t love it. I went into Canva initially to create something that I could share with her to show her what I wanted. What I created, is the logo I still have! It was exactly what I wanted and didn’t cost me a cent to design. If you’re just getting started you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to create brand assets like your logo or business card. You can do it for free in Canva. I also recommend creating a Brand Style Guide that includes the fonts you will use in your business and your colour palette. You can use this Canva template (or just search for Brand Style Guide in Canva to find one that you like).

That wraps up this article on the 4 ways you can use Canva in your Wedding Business. Have one of your own? I’d love to hear it. Drop your suggestion in the comments. Happy designing!

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4 Ways To Use Canva In Your Wedding Planning Business


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