The Wedding School connects passionate people with the knowledge & skills they need to thrive within the wedding industry.

We offer students the opportunity to complete focused, micro-courses, delivered by industry experts and designed to keep you ahead of the game in the ever-changing wedding industry. Courses are delivered entirely online and are completely flexible so you can complete them at your own pace.

We aim to inspire and educate you to fulfil your infinite potential.

Connecting you with leading wedding industry educators.

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In 2022 The Wedding School will connect learners with even more opportunities to thrive within the industry with floral design, styling and business courses to follow.

If you’re an industry expert with a passion for inspiring and educating others, we would love to hear from you. We’re inviting expressions of interest in partnerships from professionals from all sectors of the wedding industry.

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After years of running my own wedding business (I Do Crew) and working globally as a wedding industry educator (12+ years) I realised that traditional courses weren't offering infinitely capable people the skills and knowledge they needed to get started or stay relevant in the ever-changing and competitive world of weddings.  I also realised that creative people are drawn to working in the wedding industry because they already have skills and knowledge that they can draw upon to be successful.  What they didn't need was another qualification or course, but rather industry relevant, laser focused education that enhances their qualities and provides real opportunity for growth and longevity in the industry.  That why I started The Wedding School.

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