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I’ve loved becoming a Wedding Planner – it’s an exciting and rewarding career.  Of course the highlight is the wedding day but the relationship you build with the couples you work with are very special too.  I also get such a thrill from collaborating with other wedding vendors (wedding suppliers) and being part of a team with the one mission – to execute an amazing wedding day for our mutual clients.  But what I have also enjoyed about being a wedding planner is using the skills and experiences I already had – things I already enjoyed doing, such as organising and planning (of course), creating beautiful spaces and being a hostess.  I’m a good problem solver and a ‘doer’ and these are things that have helped me in my work as a Wedding Planner too.  

All of the things I enjoy about being a Wedding Planner may sound very broad and skills you could apply to any job, even your home life and honestly that is the beauty of Wedding Planning. There are any number of things that you might be naturally good at and enjoy that you get to do as part of the role.  The work is diverse and even though I follow a framework for every wedding I plan, every wedding is unique because every couple is unique.

So yes, I’m very happy being a Wedding Planner, but what about you.  Should you become a Wedding Planner?  And when it comes to becoming a Wedding Planner, what do you need?

Become a Wedding Planner

Becoming a Wedding Planner

As I’ve already hinted at, Wedding Planning involves doing a lot of different ‘jobs’ and there are a lot of details to stay on top of.  But here’s an overview of the role to give you a sense of what you’ll be working on when planning a wedding:

  • Consulting with the couplesto help them define their wedding day vision and priorities
  • Preparing the proposal to win the couple’s business
  • Helping the couple to determine their budget and guest list
  • Working with the couple to help them manage their budget throughout the planning process
  • Sourcing, recommending and booking the wedding venue and vendors
  • Managing guest communication
  • Keeping the couple and their vendors updated as planning progresses
  • Coordinating the event during the final 6-8 weeks and tying all of the details together 
  • Preparing floor plans, styling plans, timelines, schedules, seating plans and more
  • Managing the rehearsal
  • Setting up and styling the wedding venue/s
  • Being there on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly and to time
  • Troubleshooting and managing the wet weather plan should it be required
  • Working on more than one project at a time
  • And so much more depending on the style of wedding and the scope of service you’re offering

Will being a Wedding Planner Suit Me?

I’m always fascinated to hear the reasons why someone is drawn to being a Wedding Planner.  For some people weddings have been something they’ve loved since childhood or since they saw a movie featuring a Wedding Planner.  For others it’s something they’ve been introduced to, either via planning their own wedding (or a friend’s) or working within a venue or even with another type of wedding industry vendor.  Some are drawn to the creativity of the role and for others it’s a place to apply their natural ability to plan and organise. 

What is it for you?  Why would you like to be a Wedding Planner?  

Wedding Planner Job

Qualities you Need as a Wedding Planner

I’ve written about the traits of a good wedding planner previously on the blog and to that list I would add being a caring person, a troubleshooter and someone who can think on their feet.  It’s great to be a leader but also someone who can work effectively as part of a team.  It helps to be confident, have a sense of humour and to be able to work well under pressure.  But what is more important I believe is your willingness to grow as a professional.  Any of these personality traits or qualities are things we can all develop in ourselves over time.  And not every wedding professional woud list each of these traits as a strength of their own. We are individuals who bring to the table different qualities and different types of clients will be drawn to different personality types.

What’s my Next Step?

If you’re considering a career as a Wedding Planner I would encourage you to start by downloading our free Guide to Becoming a Wedding Planner. Inside you’ll discover four things you can start doing now to set yourself up for a successful career.  I’ve also included a bonus tip for anyone who would like to start their own wedding planning business.  And of course, I’m here to help you too.  I’ve spent the last 13 years counselling people about how to get started in the wedding industry.  You can contact me at any time to ask questions about your career as a Wedding Planner.

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Becoming a Wedding Planner


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