Hooray! You’re open for business and the enquiries are coming in (or they will be soon). Now it’s time to convert those leads into couples you can work with; which starts with strategically written emails designed to convert.  Stay with me! You don’t have to be a conversion copywriter to turn leads into customers and eventually, raving fans. That’s what our Email Template Starter Pack is for.

$97 AUD (Approx USD70 & GBP54)

Email Template
Starter Pack

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I’ve taken my years of sales, wedding and copywriting experience and poured it all into 12 Email Templates that you can start using today in your business.

But I didn’t stop there. I’ve added copywriting coaching notes to help you customise your templates for your business and to help you personalise the emails for each new enquiry.
Email Templates save hours of time in my business and because they’ve been written intentionally and strategically, they help me convert hundreds of leads into paying clients each year.
They can do the same for you!

◦ A 12-email sequence covering the Enquiry, Onboarding and Offboarding phases and I’ve included 2 bonus essential wedding planning emails too.

◦ Words designed to sell, but with a load of personality and caring touches your leads will appreciate.

◦ A perfect balance of template and guided-fill-in-the-blanks + copywriting notes so you’re clear on what to write where and how to make the templates your own.

◦ A handy reference guide to what templates you have, when to use them and our suggestions for when to send them out.

Best for Wedding Planners, Stylists and Designers

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What a fabulous resource for the industry, and so easy to use. I've been going through and changing a few words and will tailor it to clients specifically where it needs. The coaching areas are very helpful - so much better than a couple of [ ] where you may not be sure what to put in. Not to mention the table showing the place and time to send each email out. I also very much appreciate how easy it is to customise. 

A Fabulous Resource!

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