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When you’re in the business of planning weddings you have a need to be continually generating new leads for your wedding business. Our couples (generally) don’t become repeat clients – at least not for our Wedding Planning services. And yes, you can and should be sourcing new couples through marketing, but this is not the only way to generate leads for your wedding business. Referrals are also an important source of leads for your wedding business.

Below I’ve outlined 4 ‘marketing and advertising alternatives’ for finding new couples to work with.

Other Vendors and Venues

As a Wedding Planner you will source venues and vendors for your couples, but don’t underestimate the value in having strong relationships with venues and vendors so they can become a referral source for you too.

Many couples start looking for a venue before they do anything else.  Likewise, they may have a personal or business connection with a great florist or photographer and know right from the beginning that they want to work with them.  Having a good relationship with these suppliers means that when they ask around for a referral for a Wedding Planner – your name is more likely to come up.

Relationships with venues and vendors build up over time. If you nurture them well, your network will become an important source of referrals for your wedding business.

Referrals for your Wedding Business

Past Clients of your Wedding Business

Your happy couples are unlikely to become repeat customers, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a good source of future business.  Most people love personal recommendations, which means if you do a great job for your couples, they will tell others.  If a couple has a good experience with your wedding business from the moment they book, through to their wedding day and beyond, their wedding could become a referral source for your wedding business for many years to come.

Wedding Guests

The wedding itself is an excellent place to connect with future clients.  No that doesn’t mean you stand there handing out your business card as guests walk into the Reception.  But I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been approached by someone at a wedding expressing interest in what I do – whether it’s a guest or a member of the wedding party.  So always keep in mind that you’re on show and that any one of those wedding guests could be your next couple, or be reminded of you the next time they hear someone say, does anyone know a great Wedding Planner?

Your own networks outside the wedding industry

Most of us have social and business networks outside of the Wedding industry.  Do your colleagues, friends, family, and associates know what you do?  What about your sporting club or the parents at your kids’ school?

Think about all of the people you know and interact with regularly and make sure they know you’re open for business and love referrals.

finding clients for your wedding business

Your Wedding Business Socials

I know this post is about alternatives to marketing but whilst social media is a form of marketing, it’s also a place to be social – so make sure you are. 

Being social on social media means engaging with your followers and the people you follow. Strike up conversations and share information about yourself and your values so people following you can get to know you better.  Not only is this a great way to make new wedding industry friends, it will help couples viewing your social media accounts to connect with you on a deeper level right from the beginning.

Get social on social media as a way of building relationships and referrals for your wedding business.

There’s no denying that most couples will turn to their phones and computers as a way to find a Wedding Planner, but that doesn’t mean you should rely on online marketing and advertising alone. Personal recommendations from within your referral network are another way of connecting you to couples looking for a Wedding Planner.

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Grow your Wedding Business with Referrals


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