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Very often I receive messages from new Wedding Planners asking me how to prepare for a client consultation.

They usually go something like this; “OMG!   A couple want to meet with me. What do I do?”

These messages are usually accompanied with a series of Emojis that indicate extreme panic about the impending client consultation.  Now don’t get me wrong, nervousness is normal ahead of a wedding meeting – especially if it’s your first one.  Nerves are energy you can use to your advantage.  Panic on the other hand can overwhelm you and the couple you’re meeting with.

Who is booking a Wedding Planner who looks stricken with panic and overwhelm?

You guessed it – no one.

But panic and overwhelm can be avoided by preparing yourself ahead of the meeting.

The tips I’m about to share will help you to walk into every client consultation feeling prepared. They’ll also help you to know what to do during the client consultation.

Client Consultation

Know Where You’re Going To Meet

Most Wedding Planners don’t have an office that they can invite couples to for meeting. So thing you should do is determine where you will conduct your meetings. The exact location may depend on where the couple are based. What yo can do now though is consider where you would feel most comfortable meeting clients. For example, if you’re offering destination wedding services overseas, your initial meetings may need to be video chats.  Now is the time to determine how you will do that; Zoom, or something else? If you can meet face to face with your couples, think about your niche. Will they prefer a quiet coffee shop, swanky but private hotel bar or somewhere else?  Once you’ve decided this, draw up a list of preferred options. And unless you know the locations well, visit them to confirm that they are suitable for your meetings.

Another option is to go to the couples home for your initial client consultation.  If you’re a Designer I highly recommend this. Meeting a couple at their home can give you an insight into their personal style. And, people tend to be more relaxed in their home environment – which sets the tone for a good meeting.

Client Consultation Action Step

Draw up a list of places to meet – considering your ideal couple and brand. Schedule a time to view your options to confirm they will work well for your client consultations.

Wedding Planner Consultation

Know What You Have To Offer

During the client consultation you should talk about what you do. I make listening to my clients a priority in meetings, but of course they will have questions for you too. They may ask you about your services and what’s included in your packages.  Your aim should be to deliver this information clearly and confidently. This might sound obvious but when you’re just starting out and possibly feeling a little nervous, you may not feel as confident as you would like, when answering questions about what you do.

Client Consultation Action Step

Before you look for clients, determine what Services you would like to offer. Design 2 or 3 packages and outline what will be included within them. And take the time to become familiar with your packages so you can talk about them easily with couples during client consultations.

Wedding Planner Client Meeting

Know What You Need To Know

Client consultations are a great way for you to get to know more about the couple. Letting them chat about their is a great way for you to get to know them better. But there is important information that you need in order to prepare a proposal for them. A list of questions will help to ensure that you don’t miss any of the details you need.

With experience you may find that you don’t need a checklist of questions to ask. But it’s an invaluable tool when you’re doing your first client consultations.

You’ll want to ask questions to help you clarify:

  • the vision and priorities they have for their wedding day
  • their budget
  • any vendors they’ve booked and if they have selected a venue or have a venue in mind
  • approximate numbers

Client Consultation Action Step

Draw up a list of questions that will help you to prepare a Proposal for the couple – one that makes them feel heard and understood by you. Focus on gaining an understanding of what’s important to them about their day, along with a sense of their style.

Be Prepared – The Wedding Planner’s Motto

Couples hire Wedding Planners to make the process of planning their wedding enjoyable, relaxing and as seamless as possible.  During the client consultation, they’ll be looking for clues that you’re the right person for the job. Prepare for a client consultation in the ways I’ve outlined and you’ll be on your way to impressing the couples you meet with.

Another way to prepare for working as a Wedding Planner is with Workflows. Why you need Workflows as a Wedding Planner will help you to identify what workflows you need and how to create them.

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How To Prepare For A Client Consultation


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