When you're just starting out, knowing what to include in your packages can be hard, which is why we've created our Packages Templates for Wedding Planners. 

It all starts with our detailed Master List of inclusions for Full Wedding Planning + Design - segmented so you can easily see exactly what inclusions go with which step in the process of planning, designing and coordinating a couples wedding. 

As well as being a helpful guide for you to know what needs to be done, the Master List can be used in your Price Guide and within Proposals and Contracts and you can also use it to create your own package outlines for a range of additional services including Venue and Vendor Scouting.

Also included are shorter package descriptions with an edited list of inclusions for Full Planning + Design, Partial Planning and Coordination.  These descriptions can be used on your website to sell your services to potential clients.

Use the templates as they are or as inspiration for creating your own unique range of services and inclusions.

$47AUD (Approx USD35 & GBP25)

Wedding Planner's Packages Templates

◦ Our signature Master List of inclusions for a Full Wedding Planning + Design Service - segmented so you can also use it to help you create your wedding planning workflow.

◦ Shorter Package Descriptions with an edited list of inclusions - perfect for sharing on your website or in initial emails with your leads.

Best for Wedding Planners and Designers

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- Maryanne Lowe

Because I'm just starting out in the industry, I felt unsure about exactly what I should be including in my packages and how much detail to put on my website versus in my Proposal and Contract.  The Master List gave me the confidence to design my packages and sell them with confidence.  I also loved the shorter descriptions and used them as inspiration for designing my range of additional services including Design only and Partial Planning.

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