I know you didn't launch a business to be a starving artist.  You've launched a business to make money doing what you love, without having to work yourself into the ground doing it.  But without strategy wrapped around your pricing you won't make money.  The Pricing Services Workbook has been designed to guide you step by step through a profit focused method for pricing your services and we've made it easy to get right with a Spreadsheet that does the maths for you.  

Pricing Services Workbook

Stay with me! Maths isn't my jam either, but without doing the sums, you're just picking prices out of the air.  The Pricing Workbook will guide you step by step through a process for digging into the numbers and creating a profit plan for your wedding business. I will also walk you the wrong way to price your services and  help you to understand your unique value and competitors, so you can factor these things into your pricing strategy.  And the Workbook includes a handy Spreadsheet with calculators to help you get the Maths right plus Sheets to help you outline your services and inclusions, do your competitor analysis and plan out your profitable year in business.  If you're ready to start making money in your business and feel confident about your pricing, you're ready for the Pricing Services Workbook.

◦ A mini-training course delivered online.  This course can be completed in a weekend and is designed to guide you step by step through the process of defining your services/packages, setting your prices and planning for a profitable year of business.

◦ A comprehensive Google Spreadsheet with Spreadsheet Calculators to help you calculate your pricing and sales goals for all of your services. 

◦ Additional Sheets within the Spreadsheet to help you define your services/packages and do your competitor analysis.

◦ Email support from me to help with any questions you have as you navigate the resources and do the work.  

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I've been struggling with my pricing for years. And if I'm honest, I've been losing money for years.  Now I love my numbers!!  I found the Workbook so easy to work through and the Spreadsheet does all the hard work for you.  I have been testing my pricing out in the market and I'm ready to raise my prices, but it all started with understanding what I need to set my base price as. Thank you!!  I can see my business growing now.

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