How to launch a business

Starting a Wedding Business

Starting a Wedding Business



If you’ve been thinking of starting your own Wedding Planning Business, you’re in the right place. Whether it’s a side hustle, something small that you do from home when the kids are at school, or something that you’re ready to commit your all to and turn into a full time enterprise, I personally believe there’s never been a better time to become a Wedding Planner and launch a wedding business.

Ok, I’m writing this blog post in the middle of a Pandemic and it’s true that when it comes to weddings, 2020 was pretty much a fizzer.  But the almost non-existent wedding season all over the world is why I believe there’s never been a better time to do what you’ve always wanted to do.  Weddings will be back, and couples are going to need professionals to help them plan weddings that consider the new restrictions.  In fact, whenever we’ve seen restrictions ease in individual towns, cities, countries we’ve seen people lining up to get married.  And at the I Do Crew (my wedding business) we’ve experienced an increase in enquiries from couples needing our help.

Which means it’s time to start planning for how you’re going to share your gifts with the world, whether that’s your creativity, organisational and communication skills, Project Management experience, or something else couples need in their wedding planning life.

It’s time to launch your Wedding Planning Business

After a tough year, I know that you may not have a lot of money to invest into getting started.  And you may not have a lot of time, especially if you want to be ready for the next wedding season. 

But you don’t have to worry!! We’ve got you covered with some easy to follow tips that will help you to launch your wedding business regardless of how much money, time, or knowledge about business you have.

How to launch a business

You need a plan for launching your Wedding Planning Business

Just because you’re short on resources doesn’t mean you should cut corners on the important stuff.  And I can already hear you asking what the important stuff is.  To know this, I recommend sitting down and brainstorming what type of business you want and what you need to do as a minimum to put yourself in front of customers as soon as possible.

Your business will be a work in progress. None of us launch our wedding business and then stop there.  No, we keep refining as we learn more about our ideal customer and how to show up for them.  And if the rest of us in the wedding industry can do that, you can too!!

But if you’ve never launched a business before, I know you might be scratching your head about where to start with that list.  I’ve got you covered with a strategic business plan that maps out launching a Wedding Planning business step by step. You can download your Wedding Business Startup Checklist here.  It’s FREE!  Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Use mine.

You need to do the work to launch your Wedding Business

Now I’m not going to lie, you’ve got some work ahead of you. If you’ve gone ahead and downloaded my Wedding Business Startup Checklist you already know this.  But none of this stuff is hard – if it were the rest of us wouldn’t be doing it – at least I wouldn’t be.  I’m the least techy person you’re likely to meet, but I’m curious and if I need to do something, I work out how to do it. 

Be like me and be curious. 

Google, YouTube, and Pinterest are excellent resources when you need to know things like.

  • How do I apply for a domain name?
  • Where do I get a business email address?
  • What directories should I be in? 
  • How do I price my services?
  • Where can I get a Logo designed?

Joining a wedding business community is another way to learn from others.  Our WedPro Community is full of people who have launched businesses in the last 0-5 years, and they love to help others.  They know what it’s like to come up against something and not feel certain about how to do it, which is why they’re quick to offer advice, feedback, and support within our community when they can.

Start a Wedding Planning Career

Outsource to save time and money

Outsourcing is a great option for the things you don’t know how to do, or you don’t have time to do.  And very often this is the most cost-effective option.  So often I see people buying things they don’t need, and these costs soon add up.  A subscription here, a shiny new thing over there and pretty soon you’ve spent your budget and you don’t even have a website yet. 

It’s true there are a lot of people out there who are good at making us believe we need their particular bell and whistle to make it.  And a lot of those things are nice to have, but they’re not must haves.  I know because I’ve bought a lot of tools, programs, resources and courses over the years and I haven’t needed even half of them.

This time – don’t be me!  Don’t buy the shiny object unless you really need it.

But outsourcing to fill in a gap in your expertise is worth it.

Let’s say you know your way around a computer and feel confident that you could use a template to design your website.  But you also know that you don’t have the same skills when it comes to writing.  In this case outsourcing the writing of your website content may be a better use of your time and money.  And if your budget doesn’t stretch that far you can use a resource like our Website Content Planner and Workbook to help you write copy that is will attract the attention of your ideal couple.

Wedding Business Tech Start Up service is great for anyone wanting to outsource the techy stuff (it’s ok, one of our techies will work with you on this – I’m not techy remember).  You’ll find more details about this service in the WedPro Shop.

Become a Wedding Planner

And my most important piece of advice for anyone wanting to start a wedding planning business when they are short on time and money?  Be clear in your own mind why you want to start a Wedding Planning business.  You’ve got some challenges and work ahead of you, but when you know why you’re doing it, it doesn’t feel nearly so hard.  So, go ahead and write it out on a sticky note and put it somewhere prominent.  That way you have all the motivation you need to keep going, right in front of you.

STOP: don’t forget to download your FREE Wedding Business Startup Checklist before you go.




Starting a Wedding Business


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