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Traits of a Good Wedding Planner

Traits of a Good Wedding Planner



When I’m hiring Wedding Planners for our couples at the I Do Crew, I always consider what makes them good, from the couple’s perspective, which is why I’m sharing with you 3 traits or qualities couples rate highly when choosing a Wedding Planner. But keep in mind as you read these that these are all skills you can develop and get better at over time. Which means for example that you’re not a good listener by nature, you spend time developing this habit so you can become one. With that said, let’s dive into those traits.

You Listen more than you talk

When you first meet a couple, you want to get to know them.  Yes, they want to get to know you too, but at this stage they are primarily wanting to know what you offer and what your background, or experience is.  They want to understand what you can do for them.  They will also be considering whether you click and a great way to make sure you do, is to listen, more than you talk.

When you listen, you give yourself the opportunity to hear what they are saying and what they are not saying.  It’s this information that’s going to help you sell your services to the couple and if they hire you, deliver on their expectations as their Wedding Planner. You should ask questions and show interest in what they are saying by engaging in conversation. However, let the couple doing the majority of the talking, so you can gain a deeper understanding of who they are, what their wedding means to them and what their vision for it is.

You have processes

Wedding planning demands a high level of organisation. This is the case whether you have one client or ten, but let’s imagine you do have ten.  Each of those clients has an average of ten wedding vendors. This means that you may be managing communication with 100 or more people.  You will also be communicating with new couples – enquiries still come in when you’re working on weddings. 

Potential clients may not know what processes you need or even ask you about them, but it will be obvious to them if you don’t have any at all.  Not having processes may prevent you from following through with an enquiry, booking a couple, effectively communicating with them and their vendors, getting your final payment in on time and doing your best work on the day. 

Processes play a pivotal role in converting a lead, into a client who becomes a raving fan. This guide will help you to automate your wedding business with processes.

Wedding Planning Career

You’re a confident ‘doer’

One of the reasons a couple hire a Wedding Planner is to take off their shoulders some of the responsibility and stress that comes with organising a wedding and executing it on the day.  They will look to you to mediate issues that arise through the wedding planning process and potentially on the wedding day itself.  For this reason, you need to be a ‘doer’ who can negotiate, mediate and trouble-shoot. 

When a couple hires you, you become their advocate and whilst there is always the potential for things to come up that must be referred to them, there are many instances where you will be able to run interference for your couple; that’s what they hired you to do.  Those listening skills we talked about earlier come into play here; you can advocate more effectively for your couple when you understand what is and is not important to them. 

Being a confident doer is something many Wedding Planners get better at with experience.  But you can be a doer and good advocate for your client when you are just starting out too.  Following a tried and tested process for planning weddings and knowing what’s important to your couple, will go a long way to helping you be a ‘doer’ for your couples.

You can show your couple you are a doer during the enquiry stage, by responding to their initial enquiry on time, being clear about your processes and how they help you to be a good negotiator on your couple’s behalf. When you have some experience behind you, sharing a story about how you problem solved an issue can also help the couple to feel confident about choosing you as their Wedding Planner.

If you’re e a Wedding Planner looking to ‘up’ their game, or you’re thinking about Wedding Planning as a career, the good news is that these 3 things a couple looks for are not super-hero powers reserved for a few.  Everyone can develop listening skills, gain confidence so they can advocate on their client’s behalf and adopt processes that keep them and their couples organised. Do these things and you’ll impress people from their very first interaction with you.

Network with Wedding Planners Online

Being around other Wedding Planners is a great way to develop the traits you need to be one. Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned pro we would love to have you join our free community for Wedding Planners.




Traits of a Good Wedding Planner


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