Finally create website content and copy that reflects your business, your website goals, and your ideal couple! This website content planner and copywriting Workbook will guide you through the steps of how to plan, establish and create content for your new website in order to help you attract your ideal client and customer. 

$97 AUD (APPROX USD70 & GBP54)

Website Content Planner + Workbook

I’ve taken my years of experience as a copywriter for website projects and packaged everything I know into this easy follow Planner + Workbook. But this isn’t just a guide to what content you need to put where on your website (although it covers this too). This Workbook guides you through my proven method for writing website copy that connects with your ideal couple and steers them towards becoming your next client.

If you want to leave the overwhelm of writing your website content behind, this Workbook is ideal for you and it works whether you’re planning to DIY your website or hand things over to a designer.

This will be your best tool for breaking through the overwhelming process of writing and organising your content and client journey. 

• A 30-page Workbook set out in a Google Doc so you can work directly within the Workbook – it’s been designed for action and implementation! This also makes it easy for you to share your copy with your Website Designer when you’re done.

• A Writing Workshop covering Copywriting basics, tips for writing in your unique voice, editing and proof-reading.

• A Workbook for each of your main website pages; Home, About, Services, Contact and Blog. We’ve also included Additional Page Ideas.

• Detailed outline of the purpose of each page and guided questions and writing prompts to help you write the right copy for each page, including a Call to Action for every page.

• Page Layout + Checklist and Tips for each page.

Suitable for all Wedding Pros & Creative Business Owners.

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