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This week’s quick tip will help you with how to price your wedding services, by teaching you why couples ask you about your price first.  But before we get to that, I have to drop truth bomb about working in the wedding industry.

There will be times when an enquiry lands in your inbox and it will make your heart sink. 

How can that be???

They asked about price… first.

Hey I hear you.  Feeling this way, the first time it happened to me, shook me – shouldn’t I be grateful for every enquiry?  Well yes, but they don’t all come wrapped up in the bow you want them to be. Sometimes your leads will ask you about your price first. Which is hard – because you have so much more to offer than a cheap price. I know you do – you know you do. So why don’t they?

Truth is, when someone asks you about your price, it’s not personal – in fact, it’s understandable.

Why do Couples Ask About Price First?

Someone getting married for the first time (even the second time), very often doesn’t know what else to ask.  They haven’t done this before and especially with the first few vendors they are reaching out to, like a Wedding Planer or Wedding Venue, it’s possible they don’t know what they should be asking, so they go to price first.

How much do you cost is the easy ask.

Pricing your services as a wedding planner

But that’s not the only reason couples ask about price first

The other reason a couple may ask you about price is that you haven’t clearly communicated your value to them via your website.  I see this all the time.  Your packages may go into great detail about what they include, but do they help the client understand what that means for them? Is this list so long that their eyes have glazed over before they get to the bottom? Do they even know what half of the inclusions actually are, or is the list full of jargon they haven’t heard before?

The Right & Wrong Way to Describe What You Do

A Wedding Photographer might state on their website that their package includes:

  • 8 hours shooting of the wedding day
  • 2nd shooter
  • Gallery of all of images
  • A custom wedding album with 20 pages
  • A framed print of an image of their choosing to put on the wall, and so on…

When you read a list like this don’t you expect to see a price at the bottom of it? So if it’s not there, what’s the obvious question this list leads a couple to ask; how much do your wedding services cost?

The better way is to tell a story about the 8 hours the you will spend with the couple capturing the most  important and meaningful day of their lives and that there be a 2nd shooter there at all times so that someone is always shooting and no angle or moment is ever missed.  And then, after the wedding, you’ll make sure they have multiple ways to view and share their images in the easiest way possible with their online gallery, and they will be able to relive their day for years to come through their custom album and beautiful framed print that can be hung in their home.

Whether you are a Wedding Planner or any other service supplier, the approach is the same – give the couple an insight into what their world will be like if they choose to work with you.

Wedding Services and Pricing

What you Really Need to Know About Pricing Your Services

When a couple ask you about the price of your wedding service, use it as an opportunity to clarify for them the problem you solve and how you do it.  Don’t ignore their question, but lead with explaining more about the value you offer.

Simply put:  Sell the value of what you do, not what you do.

If you need help pricing your services as a Wedding Professional, I’m here for you! Email me to find out more about the different types of coaching I offer to help you take quick action on your wedding business challenges. Who am I? Meet me here.

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Why couples ask about price first


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